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    We are United Friends of Homeless Animals. We are a small 501 3 C shelter in Richland, New York, a small town about 40 miles North of Syracuse. We can currently house up to 8 dogs and a little over 40 cats,although we sometimes have more, if the need is great, as it is right now.



   We have a unique situation in that this  shelter is funded with donations and  proceeds from a small thrift store known as The UFHA thrift store in the nearby village of Pulaski, New York. All of the items in the store are donated by people from the surrounding communities. We keep the store opened six days a week with a very dedicated group of volunteers.


    In addition, we have one large lawn sale at the shelter, again, selling items donated by caring people. 


We have  volunteers that help with the shelter   and they range in age from 5 years old to 90, and we all have an exhausting, but good time.

    Our shelter has been in operation since 1975 and it is showing its age. We have managed to make small repairs and improvements, but there has never been enough money for large projects, such as new roofs, windows, flooring, dog run doors, dog fences and many other much needed upgrades.


Our shelter manager lives on the property and is available to the animals. 


    Due to our rural location being in a depressed area in upstate New York, made worse by the economy, the number of animals in need is growing every day. We are one of two standing shelters in our geographic area who can house the animals in a shelter. There are others, but they rely solely on people willing to foster the animals. We would love to expand, but that cannot happen without a major influx
of cash and on-going financial support.

    We have made a difference in so many lives, canine, feline, and human. Our involvement in the community not only has helped abandoned, abused and homeless animals, it has helped people in many ways as well. We have so many wonderful stories of how we have helped make a difference in the lives of children, seniors and special needs adults, we don’t want that to end.

    We hope you find our story to be unique, just as our situation is.


Do not hesitate to contact us. A helping hand is always greatly appreciated.




President: Amber Manzano


Treasurer:  Tim Shepardson


Donna Brouse

Vicki Holland

Barbara Blair



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