Frequently asked questions 

Q: Who takes care of the animals when your closed?


A: while we have visiting hours , we also have an on site staff person and we don't leave for the day until the cleaning is done.  


We have someone cleaning every day of the year.



Q:Why do you keep less dogs in the winter months?


A:The reason for that is that the roof design makes the outdoor kennels very hard to keep clean. With one staff memer on site and a lot of snow, we limit the dogs to help make it easier. 


We also make sure to do a big winter clean and repairs while the kennel isn't as full.




Q: Can you volunteer


A: YES ( please contact us to see how) 



Q: Do you take dogs from the dog Warden


A: We are not contracted so we have to wait till the 5 day hold is up to take if they need a spot.







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