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      Our shelter has been in operation since 1975 and it is showing its age. We have managed to make small repairs and improvements, but there has never been enough money for large projects, such as new roofs, windows, flooring, dog run doors, dog fences and many other much needed upgrades.

      Due to our rural location being in a depressed area in upstate New York, made worse by the economy, the number of animals in need is growing every day. We are one of two standing shelters in our geographic area who can house the animals in a shelter. There are others, but they rely solely on people willing to foster the animals. We would love to expand, but that cannot happen without a major influx
of cash and on-going financial support.

       We have made a difference in so many lives, canine, feline, and human. Our involvement in the community not only has helped abandoned, abused and homeless animals, it has helped people in many ways as well. We have so many wonderful stories of how we have helped make a difference in the lives of children, seniors and special needs adults, we don’t want that to end.

Memorial Donation Form

If you are donating a memorial donation please add your name, address and the name of the person you are donating for.

Want to Donate something a little different?

Here is our WISH LIST!
We need these items everyday!

Paper towels

Dry Cat and Dog food



Dog Treats

Cat litter

Soft Cat and Dog food

Bath mats

Cat and Dog toys

Cat Treats

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